Friday, 8 April 2011

I miss Noora and Rasha so much !

I'm just so crazy about my two favorite cousins (Noora and Rasha).... they are my big sisters my best friends my everything. Since i was little i just loved being around them I didn't mind to just sit and do nothing as long as they are around am happy. They make me laugh so hard, even if they tell a boring joke i will love it their biggest fan!!!! IM INLOVE WITH THE ENTIRE FAMILY and am close with them as anyone could be!! NOORA o RASHA YOU GUYS RULE!!! If only they could be here with me in Australia. I know i could never be any happier. We would definitely have the best time of our lives. They are so fun.. the best people to hang out with!! THEY ROCK!!! I love them to bits....more than anything else!!!! Never loved anyone this much!!!! I can't even express how much i love them! I'd rather die first than seeing them die!! Because i cant imagine my life with out them..!! And if anything bad happened to them i would die from heartbreak! I wanna spend as much time as possible with them.. but i hate that am away and cant see them untill 6-7 months! am i the only one who's too scared to lose them? i don't know why am being so depressing......I wish if i could say all this in person...but i cant... because i get too emotional and will start to cry... and i absolutely cant cry infront of anyone... i feel really shy...... i dunno probably crazy!! 

There were few break ups with them....I can never forgive my self for not speaking to them for a while..... i love them..... no matter what we have been through i still loved them because they are my family......i can never dislike so happy that we are close so so so so happy!!!!

Missing them like hell.............................!!!!! 


Thursday, 7 April 2011


When i was on my way back home from Uni i saw a bunch of boys my age giving away free donuts and cold drinks.......the tallest guy that was there gave me a retarded smile and i dont know why he was yelling 'com here have some donuts'.....i was so hungry.......i took 2 donuts and a cold drink......i didn't even say thanks i was too busy eating this yummi donut......and the guy was telling me to wait but i walked away i didn't even look back at him.. i was too tired and it was freezing!!! i feel so bad now... ah well  why do i care? i had free donuts and it was delicious!!!!!!! i wanna go back again and get another donut :P

Bonjour !!

atlast..... i have a is like my first blog ever...........ever in my entire life...........i have never wrote on a blog is like a dream come!!!